SIRIS Journey – Where is the Way to Eternity?
1. Auflage 2016
Santiago Verlag, Goch
ISBN / Code: 978-3-937212-68-5

15,- €

The little soul SIRI is searching for the way to eternity. Joined by the Wind on her trip through the elements, she meets the Ocean Fish, the Desert Flower, the Firebird and the Shooting Star – all of them bringing along fascinating questions drawn from their own lives…
The Wind accompanies them to the Gingko Tree which is “older than time” and can be seen as a symbol for life and peace on Earth. On their trip, SIRI and her companions find surprising answers to their questions, discover both sides of eternity and realize that some questions remain open...
The author Karin Grabenhorst tells a touching story about life and love beyond death. Her inter-denominational ideas plead for tolerance beyond all cultures and for the protection of our habitat, Earth. This lively and at the same time very gentle story is written for all those who want to look at our questions about life with the courage of a child’s soul, be it alone or with others.
This book is recommended for families and can also be used in schools for religious education. It makes you laugh and cry – and you don’t have to be an adult to enjoy it!
Includes drawings and sketches by the author and a foreword by Myrtle Flem.